Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback ep2


Hi ayang sayang! Ok, proceed to next post.. byk btol kne ctchup.. cuti midsem this time, jdual full.. full-house bebeyh!! 

The best part, i go for a vacay with H's family!! Yeay!! For the frst time since i was form 5, having great vacay with family.. i love being around them.. i feel warm and its ohsem feeling ever.. muka tataw malu jgk la sbb g join fmly org lain.. thnk God ade Yati, not me la, she is Ancik (adik H) punya gf..

2d1n fr me, 3d2n for them.. vacay to cameron.. tp merayap smpai ke taiping.. totally exhausted, feels like that is not a vacay, but a trip.. ahahah..

Say aaaa.. this is Dania.. x senang dduk..ade je kerenah dye..tht entertaint me..

I got this from Yati.. thnks.. ^_^

See? Muka org sakit.. ahahaha..#taiping #asar

Day2|morning|packing|off back home


Lunch|strawberry with cream |belgium wafle|rajuu farm|cameron
Bharat|Love|H and E|credit to kak Yang..

Lots of loves to his family for allowing me joining them fr a vavay.. i love being with them.. not to frget, H were sick during this vacay.. fever..really bad fever, up till today..

P/s: Doa kan so that H cepat sembuh..

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Throwback ep1


Whoahhhhhh, terasa mcm lama sgtje aq tggl kn blog ni.. *fuh fuh* kasi tiup ckt.. da berhabuk sgt dah ni.. ahaha.. sorry la guys and girls.. lately bz ckt (bz kebenda,bzdgn kilang taik mata.. ahahaha..

Post ni, aku nk #throwback #recall #wedding..

Kan aq da kata aq bz.. ahaha.. but for sure bukan aq la yg khwen.. its my abg sedara.. hritu aq ada post psl engagement dye..now aq buat liputan sal wedding dye plk.. cehhh..

Date | 03.02.2013
Venue | Parit8, Sg.Besar

Abg.Awai & Kak Nana

Aq and Zati x psl2 dilantik as pembawa bunga telur..elok sgt la sbb color sme theme dgn kitorg, while she wearing pinkish red and me turqoise-blue..

Seronok jgk jd tetamu, as we from pihak laki yg dtg to pihak prempuan..
So, lets roll the pictures!!

Acara pembuka! Throwing candy!! Free candies!!

Told ya! Super delicious meal for us is waiting..

#red #blue #wedding #food #smile

Ini lah hasil penjajahan aku and zati, where kitorg bedal ape ade..
The groom and the bride!! 

#famalista #wedding #sg.besar #no-me #happiness

And im exhausted.. sekian..

Great day! Great wedding! Great journey!

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