if Auburn said "all about him", here im gonna said, "its all about us"

H K Y T, actually stand for Hanya Kami Yang Tahu - which, only 3 of us know how we come out with that such name.. HAHA..

hi, im Eny, owner of this blog. This page is all about me, she and she.

okay, okay.. Let me introduce one by one.. (**u already know me lorh)

  • <--------- Hazwani Aufa. Just call her Aufa.
  • othr name (only we know how we came wit the nme): Joyah, Pelangi, Wani
  • from Jitra, Kedah
  • okay2, enough2.. i'll not tell more about her.. this page is not a biography page (oh, bukan ke??)

  • this is Suhaila   ------->
  • can be called Ella.
  • othr nme: Ell, Su, Temah, Warni (eh yke?? ke ko Warna?)
  • from Teluk Intan Perak.
  • for more info, visit, www. talknenekebayah. com/tg.rmbtn (hahahaha, bru je lepas wad situ)

speedy .. sp~~
toilet pon jdi la kn gals??
ni la titik permulaan perkenalan kami

maaf le, sye sorg je ha yg bercolor.. but, i miss u gals!! xoxo!!

eh, korg! jgn gediks sgt la tukar num phone x gtaw kan... mmg nk cr nahas tuh namanya.. pape hal rejer la.. if khwen tu, jgn lpe jmput.. igt VVVVIP okeyh!!

xoxo, eny.

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