This is ME =D

who am i?? human?? alien??

hello! hi! da ja hao! ollas!

im nobody.. just a simple girl... well, this page will tell u things that i think u probably wanna know bout me.. but, if u dont wanna know, its fine, ignore it!!

nasi briyani

  • Erny Hayati Johar (fullname)
  • Eny @ Yat (nickname)
  • since im in primary school, i've lot of nicknames. people used to call me "Eni", it is from Pendekar Bujang Lapok, the maid who named Eni.. the dialog is like this, "Eni!! Angkat kain jemuran, hujan dah turun!" or "Eni, embil penukul!".. but, not just that, there's some of them called me Nasi Briyani.. haiyoo, do i look like this dish?? ----------->>>>>>>>
  • when im in high school, i though people will stop giving me nickname, ok, im wrong... when im in form 3, they call me Teddy Bear?? what?? am i this cute??

  • yet, my classmate call me Model, as i call him LONG BEAN!! haha... up till im in form 4, this Chinese guy, the cleverest student in our school, call me HAMSTER?? what?? do i look like them??
do i look like this??
okeyh, enough with nickname!!
next, about family background:
  • im the 1st one born before my brother, IKHMAL HAYAT JOHAR (1995)
  • i live with my mom (JARIAH MD YASSIN), and my grandma (JARAMAH HJ MANAN), our neighbors used to call them, Cik Yah and Nenek Jeraman... idk why..

my little brother and my grandma!

for sure this is my mom!
what else about me?? hurmmmm.... oh, my fav!!

  • colors: black, purple, yellow, grey, apple green, cream!
  • food: laksa, nasi lemak, McD, A&W, Pizza
  • drink: ice lemon tea but i accept 'teh o ais limau', Milo, Floats, strawberry drinks!
  • i really love chocs! dark one the best!! and also anything product that contain strawberry! one more, i love to eat ice cream!!!

u guys can always contact me throu this email: eyat_eny_2211@yahoo.com
add me on facebook, twitter, thumblr, myspace, blogger =D

if u got any question, do ask me, i'll try to answer yours!!

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